What We Do

A colonic is a therapeutic procedure that cleanses the colon. With a complete cleanse (12 sessions) to start and periodic visits throughout the year, clients feel lighter and more energetic.

Colon hydrotherapy will…

  help remove intestinal toxins.

  stimulate intestinal muscles for proper bowel function.

  relieve intestinal stress and tension.

Clients have also reported having less fatigue, headaches, bloating, gas, and constipation after having a colonic procedure. Many of these changes to your body are felt immediately after your first colonic.

8 Week Schedule for a Complete Colon Cleanse:

Week 1: Two colon cleanses (one today; one tomorrow)

Week 2: Two colon cleanses (one today; one tomorrow)

Week 3 – 8: One colon cleanse once per week

To maintain the benefits of your colon cleanses, you must continue with regular maintenance of your colon. Consider once per month or once per season cleanses for the best results.


We remove toxins, bacteria, mucous, and stool that are lodged in the colon. By doing so, you feel lighter, less stressed, and physically relieved.